Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summertime Activity DIY: Sidewalk Chalk Paint!

Hi Guys!
I wanted to share a DIY with you all today that is SO much fun for the little ones! As a Stay at home mom to a very active 2 year old, I always worry about running out of things to do to keep her excited and entertained being home with mama all day! We made our own Sidewalk paint for ONLY $1.77! Yes, only a little over $1 to create your own Sidewalk Chalk Paint! My 2 year old was amazed and LOVED it! Most of Our ingredients are things you can find in your kitchen cabinet!

What You will Need:
1 Cupcake Pan (or Small Bowls)
1 Mixing Bowl
1 Cup of Corn Starch
1 Cup of Water
Food Coloring
Sponge Brushes

First, I put mix my water and my corn starch in my mixing bowl and mix it until it is smooth.

Then fill each "cupcake" spot 3/4 the way with the mixture.  Just mix in a different color in each spot and you are good to go!

It is THAT Simple! It took me no longer than 2 minutes to put together and my little one played with it outside for over an hour! She was so entertained by it! Please Excuse my naked child, she loves to make messes! :)

Now, Go get all your supplies together out of your Kitchen and get mixing!

Feel Free to share any photos of you and your little ones playing with your own DIY sidewalk chalk paint and I hope you enjoy this simple DIY! :)

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